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CampbellCare provides an environment that promotes positive social interaction and development through play. Our childcare centers offer children many choices with a variety of hands-on experiences through indoor and outdoor activities. CampbellCare provides quiet places where children may work on homework. We will provide ample time for students to complete their daily homework and support the students in their work.

CampbellCare students will get the opportunity to participate weekly in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) Clubs, Mind Body Motion (health and fitness), and World Changers Club.  They will also during the week have the opportunity to take part in arts and crafts, science projects, games, and/or other activities that  are child-focused and promote positive self-esteem. While attending the program, children may also choose to read, draw or paint, play computer or board games, participate in organized sports, outdoor free play, and more.

After 2 days: $350/mth - Pro-rated Months: $230/mth (Aug/Dec)

After 3 days: $450/mth - Pro-rated Months: $295/mth (Aug/Dec)

After 4 days: $525/mth - Pro-rated Months: $340/mth (Aug/Dec)

After 5 days: $585/mth - Pro-rated Months: $380/mth (Aug/Dec)


For your convenience, our new system will charge your credit card automatically on the fifth day of the month, starting August 5th, 2019. NOTE:  You have the option to pay manually by ACH/Echeck (checks and ACH/Echeck payments due by 10th of month.  Late fees will be applied if paid after the 10th), please contact the office. We recommend using the Debit/Credit/Echeck Card option, as it is automatic, and therefore more convenient.  

All families must pay an annual non-refundable registration fee of $100 per site which will be charged upon check out.

Wednesday is an early release day and CampbellCare will be available starting at that time.


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