• After School Programs

Chess Club VIRTUAL 3rd-5th grades


When: Tuesdays, starting 10/20-12/15
Time: 3pm-4pm 

We teach chess as an enrichment class where students can learn about chess as well as successful living. Examining the board before moving is similar to evaluating your alternatives before making a decision. Preparing for a response to your move is similar to preparing for different possibilities in life. We also teach the value of losing and learning from your mistakes and we emphasize good sportsmanship and respect towards others. 

Each session consists of:
  • lesson (10-20 mins long)
  • practice game (paired up with other students)
  • individual coaching (giving individual feedback on their games, or homework)

From time to time, students also work on puzzles and exercises to sharpen their mental acuity and reinforce the lesson. The time is roughly split evenly between formal instruction and practicing what you learned.

Grade Range: 3 - 5

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